Dear Norma

You might be interested in the attached photograph which my wife, Jay, took a few weeks ago. The picture is of myself and my eldest brother, Alan, taken on his veranda in Victoria on Vancouver Island. We had visited him to help celebrate the marriage of his daughter, Ann, and also Alan’s eightieth birthday.
Please note the recent copies of ‘The Key’ which are prominently displayed. I appreciate from previous editions that you have a considerable international circulation and think that you might run a competition for the most unusual sighting of the magazine in some far-flung international backwater. Your magazine, together with a family tree which my sister Winn’s daughter, Gill, has been researching, provided sources of much conversation.
I have been sending copies of ‘The Key’ to Alan for some years and he is always interested to see mention of his old friends and relatives and particularly looks for information about Ted Evans, Bob Cornforth, Bob Laker or Alan Hunter. Colin Berwick’s articles about the village sometimes focus on the ‘Tute’ and inevitably our cousin Fred (Twaddie) and his pals come in for honourable mention. Alan is still capable of spotting wrong attributions of people in photographs. He saw himself in a photograph of the church choir where our mother was mentioned instead; presumably because her friend, Annie Austin was also included. Mother was never in the choir but we were all expected to be members at an appropriate stage of our development, irrespective of musical skill or inclination. Alan recalls visiting Skelton Castle each Christmas and singing in the main hall; after which the Colonel served them whisky, sherry or lemonade, depending on age and sex.
Alan has lived in Victoria for thirty years or more. When he moved to Canada with the Canadian Air Force in the early sixties it was to Vancouver Island. He then found himself posted to New Brunswick in Nova Scotia for a few years amidst the snow and ice. At the end of his contract he immediately put his family in the car and drove them straight back to the island and a much more temperate Pacific climate. I believe that he may have left the island on perhaps four occasions in thirty years, including the wedding which took place in Vancouver, but he is back as soon as possible to enjoy his garden and his grandchildren.

Wishing ‘The Key’ and yourself every success......

Colin Lancaster, Ilkley, W Yorks

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