The Ghost of ‘BOO’cock’s Country Store!

Alan, Bev and the staff of Boocock’s Garage and Country Store would be grateful for any information you could give them on their ‘ghostly’ situation. They quite seriously believe that something has happened in an earlier life that has resulted in an apparition being seen, heard and felt in the fish tank department of their country store.
About four years ago, after the car showroom had been turned into a store, staff began to have strange feelings as they entered the gable end area that faces St Peters Church – it was as if there was a presence of some kind. An icy coldness would suddenly make itself felt. The hairs on the back of their necks would seem to stand on end for no apparent reason. There were noises that couldn’t be explained. There was an unexplainable eerie feeling in that part of the building.
Over the next two years, rather than go away, the ‘happenings’ became stronger and it was realised something strange was going on. Things came to a head on the day that Mark was working at the back of the store – as he glanced up, a dark, ghostly shape floated past him and then disappeared through the wall. Badly shaken, and ‘white as a ghost’, Mark ran into the garage area – he just couldn’t believe what he had witnessed. The ghost had made its presence felt, been heard and had now been seen – a frightening situation for anyone to continue to work in.
John also remembers feeling its presence on many occasions. He recalls, “One day I was working at the back of the store and heard sounds, just like people moving around. Thinking they were customers I came forward to serve them but there was no-one there! Another time, while I was shifting the bags of meal, my shoulders and neck suddenly became icy cold and a shiver of fear went through me. It’s very scary when it happens to you.”
The most recent sighting was in January of this year. Bev was sitting at her desk, working in the office which is situated at the far end of the store. All was quiet until she heard footsteps. Bev went to investigate and as she looked up, she had to quickly step aside as the dark, eerie shape floated past her and once again disappeared through the walls. After a sharp intake of breath, her heart pounding, she rang the direct phone line to the garage area. With a trembling voice she said, “I’ve just had a visitation!” Margaret was at the other end of the line and admitted she didn’t recognise Bev’s voice, it sounded so strange. Wouldn’t yours if you’d just seen a ghost!
Alan has most certainly felt its presence on many occasions but, as yet, has never witnessed it. He and his staff are 100% sure of their ‘friendly ghost’. They are normal, hard-working people who don’t normally believe in such things – apart, that is, from their own!
Does anyone remember any story that could explain these strange occurrences? Perhaps you know something from when the site was that of a Methodist Chapel and we are also led to believe that there was a Quaker burial ground quite nearby.
Or maybe you have experienced a visitation of some kind – if so, write in and let us know . . .

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