Photos from 'The Key' Magazine


Issue 28 - December 2000


North Skelton Sword Dancers

On the left is ‘Towny’ Tremain (in suit) beside Mr Porte and
front left is Bob Evans (Does anyone know the location?)

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North Skelton Sword Dancers form a ‘Guard of Honour’
at Rolf Gardiner’s wedding


Stanghow Lane School Sword Dancers

L. to R: Geoff Dadd, -?- , Maurice Scott, Brian Payne, Keith Gosling, Ian Johnson


Ian Johnson and family celebrating Anthea’s 50th Birthday

L. to R: Richard (Kathy’s boyfriend), wife Anthea, daughter Kathy,
son Richard, Ian, Eleanor (Richard’s girlfriend)

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Kid’s Tea Party - possibly in the Church Rooms, North Skelton c. 1950
( Does anyone know the occasion? )

(left of table): Gerald Kitchener, Les Smith, Harold Harrison, Alan Cummings, Eric Drinkhall

(right of table): Harry Hoggarth, Raymond Fowler, Terry Scott, Pat Vasey, Arthur Fowler,
Brian Codling, John Clayton, Ian Carter, Barry Moggridge

(girls at the back include) Doreen Teasdale, Cynthia Templeman, Joyce Walker


Taken outside the ‘Joiner’s Shop’, North Skelton Pit - c. 1950

Back Row L. to R: Jim Pennock Jnr. , J Harland, W Scorbie, T Hessey

Middle Row: Ted Evans, F Patterson, Dickie Harrison, B Boyes, ‘Buff’ Bennett,
Jim Pennock Snr, S Clapton

Front Row: Bill Bean, E Wilson, Peter Evans, Frank Gratton, Harry Ingleby, Jim Hughes


Stanghow Lane School Girl’s Netball Team - 1957

Back Row L. to R: Ann Robinson, Mrs Worsley (teacher), Doreen Westbrook, Marilyn Teasdale

Front Row: Barbara Gosling, Josie Brown, -?- , Rita Hill, Stephanie Bonnard


Stanghow Lane School Football Team - 1958/59

Back Row L. to R: Joe Reed (teacher), Jeff Parks, Alan Cuthbert, Peter Hodgson,
Harry Hogarth, Fred Jackson

Front Row: Frank Ellingham, Bernard Hill, Brian Cummins, Stewart Brown,
Colin Scott, Alan Craig, Dennis Thompson


Stanghow Lane School c. 1957
(Does anyone know the festival or occasion?)

Back Row L. to R: S Bonnard, A Robinson, -?- , -?- , -?- , J Brown, A Hart,
J Brown, M Davey, R Sanderson, -?-

Middle Row: J Wynn, D Johnson, B Gosling, D Westbrook, C Pashley, D Thompsom, D Antill,
R Drury, H Holmes, -?- , J Crooks

Front Row (kneeling) : B Dale, -?- , J Bainbridge, B Snaith, M Teasdale, C Thomas,
S Harrison, R Garland, K Berwick


House Leaders and Captains of Stanghow Lane School - 1951

Back Row L. to R: Allen Lynas, Michael Want, Barry Bloomfield, Norman Johnson,
David Lowe, Dennis Preston, Mr Bonas ( Headmaster)

Front Row: Dorothy Gledhill, Pat Gill, Moira Porte, Ann Berwick,
Margaret Walker, Barbara Walker


New Skelton Junior School Football Team - 1962

Back Row L. to R: Norman Breeze, Francis Thirling, Peter Ashton, Peter Ward, Tony Richardson,
John Gell, ‘Pip’ Wardale
Front Row: Glen Kilgour, John Douglass, Stephen Bland, Steve Crawford, Lee Ingleby


Stanghow Lane Senior Football Team - 1956/57

Back Row L. to R: M Holt, R Bramley, M Marley, J Hessey, N Morley, G Laker, J Reid (teacher)

Front Row: B Snaith, I Parkes, G Hudson, B Kime, A Robinson


Skelton Green Infants School Play - 1959

Back Row L. to R: Francis Thirling, -?- , Stephen Bland, Pamela Dunn, Tina Fawcett, Christine Williams,
Margaret Gibbon, Steve Crawford, Malcolm Taylor

Front Row: -?- , Geoffrey Shaw, Christine Dowey, -?- , Jean Vincent, Tony Richardson


Stanghow Lane School Class - 1956

Back Row L. to R: Mike Crossman, John Hessey, Neil Morley, Michael Holt, Derek Dauncey,
David Brown, Keith Carter, Peter Hill, Maurice Drury

Middle Row: Ian Parkes, Alan Cummins, Les Smith, Francis Batterbee, Eunice Smurthwaite,
Valerie Snaith, Irene Codling, Dorothy Hodgson, Pauline Ridsdale, Janice Simpson,
Brian Duncan, Alan Mogridge, Geoff Hudson

Front Row: Jean Agar, Ann Wilson, Janet Cook, Josephine Catnach, Margaret Wright,
Mr Joe Reid, Joan Robson, Sheila Thurlow, Barbara Foulsham, Sheila Harrison, Pat Smith


A rare photograph of New Skelton taken from the shale-heap at North Skelton
with in the foreground, part of the old cricket field ( the ‘crick’) and allotment huts
where some houses of Greenhill View Estate are now situated


Another fine, nostalgic photo of a ‘traffic quiet’ Vaughan Street, North Skelton

Can anyone work out from the car models which year this photograph
may have been taken and what’s the advertisement on the wall?
Also, who remembers the name of the general dealers shop (now ‘Curly Tops’) ?


‘Abe’ Bradley (centre) receiving his award from John T Hall
George Smith (Grace’s Dad, whose life ‘Abe’ saved)
is on the left of the photo

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Doreen and Eddie Britton on the day of their Ruby Wedding
with family (left to right in order of birth)
Karl, Dawn, Joan, Anne, Linda & Heather


. . . .

Mike Marsay & sister Julie Green


. . . .

‘The Key’s’ Millennium Awards for services to the community goes to two special people
Ann Adams and Mervyn Marley


North Skelton Cricket Club - winners of the Zetland Cup 1950

Back Row L. to R: -?- , -?- , A Leeks, H Marley, R Slater, C Wilks, T Pashley, -?- , A Turnbull

Front Row: L Douglass, C May, D Gosling, D Wright, J May

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