Photos from
'The Key' Magazine


Issue 27 - August 2000


'The Dixie Kids' - Isle of Man, 1946

L. to R: Jack Richardson, Les Lancaster, Ron Booth, Tom Stevenson,
Albert Johnson, Freddie Watson


Freda Green and Bonny


Ben Ward and Wilf Mannion . . .

. . . ' The Golden Boy '


St Peter's Church Choir - possibly 1920's
photographed in the Mine Manager's garden at the bottom of Bolckow Street

Back Row L. to R: E Riddiough, P Carver, C Scurrah, ? Pashley
2nd Row: J Scurrah, A Leeks, -?- , -?- , A Austin, A Lancaster, ? Keeler, F Smith, J Hodgson, G Porte
3rd Row: -?- , -?- , -?- , -?- , Rev Mann, A Matson, S Goodill, -?- , F Harrison
Front: R Turnbull, -?- , -?- , -?- , -?- , A Templeman


Sarah Pratt & daughter Polly, later Mary Ann (Polly) Pinkney
at 6 Vaughan Street which was a shop up to 1914


Mrs Wells' Day Trip - c. 1950

Back Row includes: Mrs Wells, Mrs Pennock, Mrs Pratt, Betty Stroyd, Mrs Arnold & Dot Green
Sitting L. to R: Doreen Pearson, sister Phyllis, Ralph Brown, Peter Garbutt, Alan Pearson, Ann Ruddy


Stanghow Lane School - 1950

Back Row L. to R: D Sedgewick, F Ward, J Keeler, B Evans, D Hodgson, A Walker, K Bennison, J Simpson
Middle Row: Mr W Bonas (Headmaster), I Cross, A Peacock, E Hewling, S Laughton, M Matthews, Mr Joe Reed
Front Row: P Wilde, Y Buck, B Walker, A Ebbs, F Miller, D Payne, P Gosling, M Teasdale,
J Lacey, J Dick, E Drury


The Bull's Head 'Full Monty' team

L. to R: Baz Marshall, Alan 'Sandy' Sanderson, Mick Scarff


Gettin' 'em off !!


Skelton Junior School - c. 1980

Back Row L. to R: J Allan, I Mitchell, S Holmes, R Harrison, P Smith, M Budding, Mrs Bainbridge (teacher)
Middle Row: M Theaker, W Danby, M Goodall, K Cooper, K Seymour, D Webb, D Lynas, C Twilby, P Cook
Front: S Welford, B Chivers, D Snaith, N Cooke ?, C Matthews, S Yates, H Thompson, C Brown, G Easton


Mr L Edmonson, headmaster of the Stanghow Lane School,
talking with some prize winners at a School Speech day in the late 1950's


OAP's Xmas Party 1999

Mike & Gladys Stephen Joan Turnbull & Jean Evans Joyce Christmas & 'Fat' Marsay


Mr & Mrs Hill Maurice & Barbara Wilks Steve Wingate & Mr McDonald


Ruby Summers & Helen McLuckie Peter & Irene Morrel


The reason North Skelton exists - the Ironstone Mine


A truckload of ironstone waiting to be transported to the steelworks
(photographed at the top of Bolckow Street)


Another view of a later revamped pit looking west from the allotments


Peter Vaughan (centre) with mam Jenny and dad Bill
proudly displaying the Gold Medal he won at the Special Olympics in Indiana, USA


Adam Derring in his early twenties


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