Photos from 'The Key' Magazine


Issue 25 - December 1999


North Skelton Ironstone Mine

North Skelton Mine was opened in 1872 by the Bell Brothers.
It was the deepest mine in Cleveland and was the last to close in the area on 17th January, 1964

Read the poem Of Ironstone Men And Mines by Eric J Last


15 year old Ian Gething receives a bravery award after saving two of his friends,
Jeff Laker and 'Lal' Pearson, who were in difficulties in the sea off Saltburn beach.
Tragically, the fourth member of the party, Alan Rawson, could not be saved - August 14th, 1955


Two happily inebriated village characters, Tom 'Tut' Templeman and his brother Arthur,
down the 'back way' of Richard Street - photo taken c.1930


Sally Agar (left) who for three years running won the
Victorian Fancy Dress Parade at Milton Street Bingo Hall, Saltburn


Stanghow Lane School - 1935 or 1936

Back Row L. to R: -?-, Fred Jackson, -?-, Featherston, Joe Robinson, Fred Bringloe, Peter Winspear, -?-

2nd Row: Sleaman, -?-, Richardson, Malcolm ?, -?-, -?-, -?-, Maurice Scuffham, Joan Row

3rd Row: Bunning?, Dunning, -?-, Jean Ridley, -?-, Jean Lancaster, Kathleen Williamson, -?-, Miss Winter (teacher)

Front Row: Audrey Barnes, -?-, Eleanor Hanson, -?-, Peggy Peal, Alma Heath, Enid Whinfield, -?-


North Skelton Schoolchildren - c.1901


L. to R: Barry Pulford, Clive Curnow, Jack Peacock, Brian Templeman, John Sleaman?, Mike Howe?

25th June, 1946


North Skelton School 'dinner ladies' - c.1950

L. to R: Doris Johnson, Eva Gosling, Annie Leeks, Ethel Harrison


New Year's Eve - mid 1960's

Back: Arthur and Keith Gosling

Middle: Den Padgett, Alec Batterbee, Albert Hugill

Front: Fred Burluraux


North Skelton FC - late 1930's

L. to R: Arthur Carver, Referee?, Jack Teasdale, John Hudson, George Hugill, Jim Hayes,
'Pomper' Wright, Dick Harrison, Ben Hodgson, Alf Hodgson, Jock Pearson, Albert 'Cockney' Atkins,
Joe Allen, Ces Cummings, 'Peck' Vaughan, Rob Bolton, Joe Hodgson


Ready to go on a 'Tote Double Trip' this summer

Standing L. to R: Dot Stocks, Rene Burluraux, Eva Ovington, Alan Readman, John Pinkney & Richard Gittins

Sitting: Ursula Kime, Edna Wetherell, Joyce Readman, Eileen Pinkney & Marion Gittins


Same Trip

L. to R: Christine Fowell, Marjorie Mathews, Pat Burluraux, Elsie Marsay,
Jean Spychala, Doreen Britton, Marjorie Lloyd, Craig Jackson


1st Skelton Scouts Troop - Camp Alnwick 1960

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