North York Moors CAM


Friday 29th December 2000

( Weather: cold with the odd bit of sunshine )

Today's short walk - Skelton to Upleatham Church

( 2 miles )


After a couple of days of steady snowfalls I thought I'd take advantage and have a walk across the fields to Upleatham Church
- just a couple of miles from my home village of Skelton

This is the view north-west from Barn's Farm towards the village of Upleatham and Errington Woods


. . .

Despite the bitter cold weather, it was a lovely feeling to know that today, mine were the only footprints,
other than those of the odd wild deer, fox and rabbit, that were visible in the blanket of snow that covered the ground


Before entering the woods we look back south to Bowman Hill . . .


. . . and south-west towards Guisborough Moor with a brief glimpse of Roseberry Topping in the far distance


The afternoon, wintry sky - it's forecast snow again tonight


I had to 'duck and dive' under the overhanging branches above the little, narrow footbridge in Fanny Bank Wood . . .


. . . before being 'alone' amongst the peace and quiet of the trickling sounds of Skelton Beck

I was lucky enough to see a heron later on, further downstream,
but I wasn't alert enough to get a photograph before it flew gently and gracefully away


. . .

After crossing the footbridge over the beck I got today's first glimpse of the tiny Church of Upleatham at the top of the hill


. . .

Upleatham Church is the smallest in the county of Yorkshire . . .


. . . and here is the classic view

( my home village of Skelton can be seen in the far distance to the left of the church )


The view south-west towards Guisborough Moor and Highcliff from the churchyard . . .


. . . and south-east to Skelton


After leaving the Church there's a good view south-west towards Airy Hill from the roadside . . .


. . . and finally back to Upleatham Church with Roseberry Topping making an appearance on the distant horizon



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