North York Moors CAM

Monday 11th December 2000

( weather: mild but dull with rain and drizzle later )



For the journey to Scarborough today we chose the picturesque route over the North York Moors

At the finest time, weatherwise, that we had all day, we look north-east across Danby Dale from Castleton Rigg
- we can see the villages of Castleton (left) and Danby (right) in the distance


We stopped for a short while at the market town of Kirby Moorside with its lovely old stone cottages. . .


. . .

. . . where I noticed these two pubs straight opposite each other across the main street

- the White Swan and the Black Swan !


Another picturesque village on this route is Thornton-le-Dale but by the time we arrived there,
the weather had worsened and I got little chance to take any decent photographs


So it was on to Scarborough where the weather improved enough (light drizzle) for me to take a few snaps

Here we look across the empty boating lake, apart from the swans and ducks, at Peasholm Park
- in the summer months it's much busier with holidaymakers


A couple of sights which bring me fond memories from my childhood

The miniature railway which runs from the park to Scalby Mills . . .


. . . and, in the background, the ' water-splash ' chute on which I got many a good soaking!


A little further on is the island site of the former 'outdoor theatre' where shows played to large audiences
who sat on wooden bench seats on the now, deserted and decaying concrete terraces


A short stroll to the sea front brings us to what I always remember was the 'Corner Cafe' at North Bay . . .


. . . and the multi-coloured beach chalets nearby


The view along the North Bay promenade from the 'Corner Cafe'


. . .

Warnings remind us of the rough waves that pound these high sea-defence walls . . .


. . . today was no exception


From North Bay promenade we climb up the steep, winding path towards the hotels and Castle headland

Here we look back north towards Scalby Mills and further up the coast


By the time we arrive at the South Bay promenade the light is fading but at least the drizzle has stopped

Here we can see the Grand Hotel, the Futurist theatre and Jimmy Corrigan's amusement arcade


As dusk approaches I just have time to photograph a couple of scenes by the harbour . . .


. . . where some of the small fishing fleet are safely moored . . .


. . . before climbing the steep steps back up to the Castle headland and enjoying a last glimpse
back down to the bright lights of Scarborough South Bay



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