North York Moors CAM


Sunday 15th October 2000

Today's short walk: Saltburn - Marske
( via the railway path and back along the beach )

( 3 Miles )

Weather: cloudy at first, then sunny - lovely & warm for the time of year



Today's short walk starts at Saltburn, just 2 miles from where I live


We begin by following the railway path near Hazel Grove Caravan Park

( This photo was taken from the railway crossing looking back towards Saltburn )


Just past the caravan park we walk alongside the neatly kept garden allotments


About a mile further along we arrive at what remains of St Germain's Church, Marske

The headstone and white cross in the bottom left-hand corner of the photograph on the left marks the burial site
of the father of Captain James Cook ( also called James ) who died in 1779,
unaware of the tragic death of his famous son in Hawaii just six weeks previously

The present stone was erected in memory of John James Robinson, aged 22, who was lost at sea in September, 1904


Soon after we arrive at the beach where Marske's small 'fleet' of fishing cobbles stand


Beyond the lobster pots and boats we can see Hunt Cliff, some 1 miles distant


Another view of the fishing boats at Marske


This isn't oil pollution - it's 'seacoal'

As a child, I remember spending many a cold winter's evening sitting at home around a warm, glowing fire of seacoal !


Looking inland at low tide


Nature produces some wonderful patterns in the sands


The massive cliffs, just to the south, end at Hunt Cliff, Saltburn - from here to Teesmouth it's just boulder clay and sand dunes

I've run many miles along these sands in my youth - the beach between Saltburn and Marske also saw
the world land speed record broken on two occasions, notably on June 17th, 1922, when Malcolm Campbell
reached a staggering 138 mph in his famous Sunbeam car


You find all sorts of stuff washed up on these shores


With the help of a lottery grant, Saltburn Pier is presently being restored to part of its former glory


With today's calm sea, you couldn't imagine that Saltburn is fast becoming a surfer's 'paradise'


Some of the fishing boats of Saltburn, Hunt Cliff (left) and the Ship Inn


One or two older boats look a bit worse for wear - I think their sailing days are finally over


On returning to our starting point we pass what is probably Saltburn's most famous landmark -
the Victorian built Zetland Hotel (now private residences)



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