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Saturday 16th June 2001

Weather: Hot and sunny

Today's Walk: The Boquer Valley, Majorca

( 4 miles )


( The following scanned photographs were taken with a Nikon AF240SV 35mm compact camera )


The walk starts just outside our holiday apartments, the Oro Playa, Puerto Pollensa, along an avenue of ancient pines
interspersed with tamarisk trees - the wide pathway was once part of the entrance road to the Boquer finca (farm).

Obvious efforts have been made to make the path more attractive (above left) but I imagine it would have looked much better
left in its natural state - further on along the stony track we zig-zag gently upwards before arriving at a set of metal gates


Passing through the gates we soon arrive at the castlellated front of the farmhouse buildings


 From the farmhouse courtyard we enjoy spectacular views south-east back towards the resort of Puerto Pollensa
and in the far distance across the Bay of Pollensa, to the popular coastal holiday resort area of Alcudia . . .


. . . and south-west along a fertile valley towards the ancient town of Pollensa


Our route takes us through another metal gate beside the farmhouse and along a rough stony track
up towards a narrow 'pass' between limestone rocks

The only sounds we could hear were those of the tinkling bells tied round the necks of the farm goats that roam the valley



As we continue up the gentle climb, passing abandoned farm machinery, I pause for a breather and enjoy the views
while Jean tries her hand at photography - I couldn't have held my stomach in much longer ;-) )


After passing through the 'narrows', the track widens and continues gently uphill - here we take a look back

As you can see from the above photograph, the path is cairned in places and easy to follow
- although the going is rough and stony, we managed it in 'trainers' but I recommend a pair of good walking boots

The Boquer Valley is very popular with 'twitchers' (birdwatchers) as it is a famous stopover for
migratory species during early spring and late autumn - we saw hoopoes and a large bird of prey
soaring nearing the cliff-tops - possibly a buzzard or an eagle


Continuing along the track we pass through a 'gate' in an old stone wall which spans the full width of the valley

Across on our left is the sharp-tipped limestone ridge of Serra del Cavall Bernatt which shelters
the valley from strong northerly winds - the far side of the ridge drops dramatically a sheer 300 metres into the sea.
The peak on the right is that of Penyal Roig (265 m)


The terrain here contrasts greatly from that which we're used to back home - pistacia (mastic) bushes
dwarf fan palms and pampas grass line the path which meanders between huge boulders towards the coll

The main difference, however, is the intense heat - the valley is very sheltered and we stopped many times
and drank lots of water - an essential thing to do in these parts


Just over the crest of the coll we get our first view of the bay of Cala Boquer (cala meaning cove or inlet)


A little further on and by now, Jean was getting 'trigger-happy' with the camera
- she asked me to take a couple more steps back but . . .


. . . glancing over my shoulder at the the picturesque little cove, more than 300 plunging feet below, I politely declined!


Before returning 'home' via the same track, we take a last look at the beautiful bay of Cala Boquer
( by 'stitching' two photographs together I've managed to capture the scene as I saw it )

It hadn't been a long-distance walk, but it was tiring in the heat - however, the superb views made the effort well worthwhile
and I highly recommend the walk if you're ever in the area on holiday - just make sure you take plenty of water!


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