North York Moors CAM

Saturday 10th June 2000

( weather: beautiful )

Targor Charity Walk

Great Ayton - Kildale - Captain Cook's Monument - Roseberry Topping


Today is an important day on my calendar - the Annual Charity Walk
which I help arrange at my workplace

This year we were walking to raise money for the Cleveland Search & Rescue Team
- we had a magnificent turnout of 50 people - let's go!


Our starting point was the High Green in Great Ayton (Grid Ref: 563 106)

The above photograph was taken at 10.00am when the village green was quiet
- however, today is Great Ayton Fete Day, with William Hague, leader of the Conservative party,
scheduled to open the event

At the end of the walk we would witness a much different scene here


Early in the walk we begin to 'string out' - here we head east across the fields
in the direction of Easby Moor (Captain Cook's Monument prominent on top)


I can't resist photographing lovely houses - wait until all the roses are out !


As we continue south-east along the western slopes of Easby Moor we enjoy glorious views
of the Cleveland Hills approximately 5 miles distant

Today, Yorkshire was looking its best!


After walking a couple more miles, mainly through forest but some of it tough and uphill,
we can look back at this lovely view of Kildale . . .


. . . and from the same place get our first glimpse of Captain Cook's Monument (323M)


Although it was breezy on the top, a few of our party decided this was a good place for a refreshing cuppa


From the western edge of the top of Easby Moor, our efforts are rewarded with these fine views

Here we look south towards the Cleveland Hills . . .


. . . north-west towards our starting point at the village of Great Ayton . . .


. . . and north towards Roseberry Topping


A couple more miles further on we get a good view north towards Teesside


Our path then descends eastwards towards the 'back' of Roseberry Topping


At the bottom of the hill, we turn left and heading south, take another look over to Easby Moor and the Monument . . .


. . . then look back to the southern slopes of Roseberry Topping


From just above Cliff Ridge Wood we get yet another glorious view south of Urra Moor and Hasty Bank

From here it's only another mile back to Great Ayton


As I said at the start of the walk - High Green has been transformed !!!


William Hague poses for North York Moors CAM !!

He seems a decent chap - might just sway my vote next time !!


Leaving the village green we pass a couple more lovely cottages


At Low Green, the scene is peaceful and quiet by the side of the River Leven


At the end of the walk a few of us enjoy a couple of pints and a meal at The Buck Hotel

( Besty, the pub's behind you ! )


Finally, a few of those who took part . . .

Thank you to everyone - it was a lovely day

The weather was beautiful, the scenery magnificent, the people great

I look forward to next year !


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