North York Moors CAM

Wednesday 7th June 2000

( mainly pleasant with sunny spells )

South Gare


South Gare lies at the northern extremity of an 8 mile or so stretch of sandy beach beginning near Hunt Cliff, Saltburn


A small lighthouse is situated at the end of the South Gare jetty

Radio antennae transfer information between the Tees & Hartlepool Port Authority
and the vast amount of shipping which enters the mouth of the River Tees at this point


Looking south-east from the jetty we can just see Boulby Cliffs about 12 miles away


A lone fisherman waits patiently for a bite - Redcar's British Steelworks provide an industrial backdrop

The jetty is popular with local fishermen - on calm days like today it's a very relaxing sight
but this is a dangerous place to be sat in stormy weather


On the northern side of the jetty we look north across Teesmouth towards Seaton Carew and Hartlepool . . .


. . . and west upstream the River Tees to the docks at Teesport


Here we see the pilot boat jetty and the RNLI lifeboat station


The lifeboat and associated equipment is kept in immaculate condition


A little further on we come to Paddy's Hole - a tiny, sheltered harbour teeming with fishing boats

At today's low tide the boats were left high and dry and tilted at all angles


Fishermen's huts are dotted round the edges of the small harbour -
here we see an ingenious design which I doubt we'll ever witness going to sea again


A couple of lobster fishermen are seen repairing their pots ready for the next catch . . .


. . . and this is their view of Paddy's Hole


Back across the south side, backing onto the sand dunes, is a cluster of little green fishermen's huts


One or two have been restored to immaculate condition . . .


. . . and many are furnished with homely comforts


Beyond the huts is a large stretch of sand dunes from where we look south-east
towards Hunt Cliff, the mass of Boulby and, if you've good eyesight, Kettle Ness in the very far distance


A threatening sky means a hasty retreat to the car


After the dark clouds pass, mercifully without any rain, the skies clear to give us a good view south
across the marshes and Cleveland Golf Course towards Redcar with the spire of Coatham Church prominent


Finally, especially for Pam from Perth, Australia, we take a last look towards the steelworks
and in the South Gare direction from the 2nd ladies' tee on Cleveland Golf Course, Redcar


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