North York Moors CAM

Monday 22nd May 2000

( fine - mainly sunny )

Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay . . .

. . . is a place beloved of artists, perched on the rugged cliffs in the most curious and higgledy-piggledy fashion
- the first thing that comes to mind is the village's resemblance to
Robin Hood's Bay, some 10 miles or so to the south-east

In the above photograph we see the massive boulders brought in to form a seawall in order to protect the coastline
from the relentless bombardment of the crashing waves of the North Sea


Today the North Sea was as calm as a mill pond and you'd never believe its strength and ferocity in a storm

(Kettle Ness in far distance)


A Runswick Bay fisherman prepares his boat for another day's work


Someone's been down here earlier than me with their bucket and spade


From the beach we cannot help but have a wander amongst the charming cottages of the village . . .


. . . enjoying their lovely, little gardens, perfectly tended . . .


. . . and wondering what we might find round the next corner


The 'streets' are mere paths leading from one house to another - you could imagine walking out of your back door
and into your neighbour's front bedroom !


Believe me - I was perfectly sober when I took this photograph
- the little wooden holiday chalet seems ready to fall over any minute


The inscription on the plaque next to this massive iron anchor reads:


( I don't yet know the story behind this statement )


From Runswick Bay it is only a short journey of about a mile to one of our favourite pub restaurants
at the
Ellerby Hotel, where today we enjoyed a delicious bar meal

After our meal we drove 5 miles further on for more photographs of Whitby


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