North York Moors CAM

Monday 8th May 2000

( mainly misty with odd outbreaks of sunshine)

A Day Out in Misty North Yorkshire
( with Bex, Paul & Margaret )


Today we met our new friends from New England, Bex, Paul and Margaret

Our plan was to spend the day enjoying the lovely views of the countryside of North Yorkshire
- unfortunately the weather decided to try its best to spoil things - a sea mist had drifted inland
during the night and didn't want to go away, but we tried to make the best of it . . .


The start of our day was a visit to Gribdale Gate and the walk up to Captain Cook's Monument
- the visibility at the start of the walk wasn't too bad


By the time we got to the top of Easby Moor
you could hardly see the Monument never mind the views!


Normally there's a glorious view beyond this wall to Roseberry Topping - today you could hardly see the wall


By the time we reached Duck Bridge at Danby the mist had begun to clear . . .


. . . and at the car park near Grosmont the sun shone just in time for our afternoon picnic . . .

( Bex, Margaret, Jean (my wife) and Paul )


. . . so we sped to Whitby, a favourite of Bex & Paul's ( and mine! ), while the weather stayed fair,
but soon the mist began to drift in again on the cliff-top obscuring St Mary's Church and the Abbey ruins


We crossed the swing-bridge to Church Street
- I wonder how the neighbours get on with each other down this alley!


Bex ( green coat ) found it hard going up the 199 steps . . .


. . . but this view at the top of Caedmon's Cross and St Mary's Church made the effort worthwhile


Back at the bottom of the steps the mist had started to return as we turned right along this narrow street where . . .


. . . Paul had looked forward all trip to buying some of Fortune's famous smoked Whitby Kippers for tomorrow's breakfast
- we arrived at 4.05pm, we were too late - the shop had closed at 4.00pm !!
Paul is very laid back - he just said "Never mind, I'll get some next time we come to England!"


After enjoying a fish & chip tea we ended the day, in clearer weather, with a final look at some of the boats in Whitby Harbour

Off and on it had been misty most of the day but we hadn't let it beat us, and we'd had a lovely 'day out'
- I hope that next time Bex, Paul and Margaret visit our area the weather's a bit kinder


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