North York Moors CAM

Sunday 23rd April 2000

( sunny spells & warm )

Margrove Ponds


Margrove Ponds (Grid Ref: 651 159) lie just a short distance west of the village of Margrove Park ( Magra' Park to locals )
and of a mile south-west of Boosbeck

The ponds became just a swampy wasteland after the nearby ironstone mines closed in the first half of the 20th century but, fortunately, are now in the care of Cleveland Wildlife Trust. They host a wide range of protected wildlife and a pleasant hour can be spent here enjoying the peace and quiet of what once was a thriving industrial site


There are still obvious signs of the industrial past - the old shale-heap in the background is just one reminder
but nature is gradually reclaiming its grip of the land


A few signs warn us to keep away from the deep water . . .


. . . but that perfectly suits and protects this pair of Mute Swans who are just building their nest amongst the reeds -
we'll return again in a couple of months time and hopefully photograph them with their young

Mute Swans are graceful birds but can belie their placid appearance and soon become quarrelsome and
aggressive towards other species who dare to enter their territory . . .


. . . who would have thought so looking at this beautiful creature . . .


. . . as he patiently patrols his territory


Pussy willow and flowering gorse bask in the late afternoon spring sunshine . . .


. . . as we see evidence of the floods caused by all the recent heavy rain . . .


. . . before reluctantly leaving the ponds until another day


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