North York Moors CAM


Thursday 19th April 2001

Weather: Sunny spells but cold with snow flurries

Today's walk: Dalby Forest

(10 miles)



Dalby Forest lies in the south-eastern corner of the North York Moors National Park in an area once covered
by the long gone Royal Hunting Forest of Pickering.

Dalby Forest has now become a popular place for all the family as well as providing a varied wildlife habitat
and producing valuable timber - it is one of the first areas in our National Park to ease walking and access restrictions
since the start of the current Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic although we still had to 'dip our feet' in disinfectant


Today's walk begins at the Dalby Forest Visitor's Centre (Grid Ref: 858 874)



A couple wood engravings remind us of what the forest enterprise is all about


We follow the road south from the Visitor's Centre passing the few houses of Low Dalby village



The road soon becomes a forest track where we come across these recently felled, long, colourful and attractive tree trunks


Nearby are signs of a bygone industry - I'm afraid at this moment I know nothing about it - do you?
- perhaps it is the bricked-up entrance to a drift mine


I suspect this pond close by was once a reservoir associated with the industry


There are still severe restrictions anywhere near farmland . . .


. . . but fortunately, there are few farms in Dalby Forest and so we were able to wander fairly freely

After the frustration of the past few weeks we were just glad to be able to enjoy the fresh air and the peace and quiet


The freshly cut pine logs smelt lovely



Just past this look-out tower we joined part of the 9 miles of Forest Drive (small toll charge) which normally provides
easy access to picnic places, play equipment, walking and cycle trails and other facilities



Can't go left here, but it's OK right



The Jubilee Plantation sign . . . and after 32 years of growth


The one advantage of today's walk - Luke was never short of a stick to fetch . . .


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