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Saturday 15th April 2000

Today's walk - Hayburn Wyke and Cloughton Wyke ( 4 miles )


Hayburn Wyke

Hayburn Wyke is a delightful and secluded bay 6 miles north of Scarborough. The surrounding woodland is protected as a nature reserve and managed by the National Trust and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Its most unusual feature is a twin waterfall which cascades over a rocky ledge onto the boulder-strewn beach - it can just be seen centre left on the above photograph. The undercliff below where this photo was taken is difficult to access and is a haven for wildlife - badgers, foxes and even deer can be found, together with many other small mammals, birds and insects - it is also the home of a wide range of plants.

The word ' wyke ' is of Scandinavian origin and denotes a narrow inlet sheltered by headlands.


Today's walk starts at the Hayburn Wyke Hotel (Grid Ref: 007 969) - there is ample car parking space nearby. To get to the hotel take the Cloughton to Ravenscar road and about 1 miles north of Cloughton turn right at the hotel sign and follow the narrow access road down to the car park. The hotel was built close to the spectacular Whitby to Scarborough railway line.
In the 'good old days' Hayburn Wyke was very popular with visitors using the old steam railway and there was a convenient railway station built near to the hotel.

From the car park follow the waymarked path east across a field and then cross the stile into the woods - you'll soon come to a Cleveland Way sign pointing right but ignore that for now - we'll come back to it later. Carry on along the path which begins to descend, strengthened recently with small slabs of stone.


Soon you'll come to a seat near the cliff edge and this view - if you stay stood up that is! Note the waterfalls are bottom left.


As you descend further down the stepped path you'll begin to get glimpses of Hayburn Beck and then a footbridge. Keep to the right of the footbridge and clamber down a rocky slope onto the boulder-strewn beach where . . .


. . . the beck cascades as a twin waterfall onto the beach.


After the recent heavy rainfall we've had lately, the falls were putting on a good show today.


The 'beach' consists entirely of large pebbles, boulders and slabs of sandstone - it is a haven for children to roam and explore.
Here we look south towards Tindall Point and the undercliff.


After your visit to the beach, retrace your steps to the Cleveland Way sign and turn left and climb up the path leaving the wood by the stile in the above photo - then follow the ciff top path south-east for the next mile or so.


Part of the path follows a hedgerow of blackthorn which today was covered in blossom.


Soon we get a splendid view south-west over flowering gorse towards the village of Cloughton.


From the same spot we get our first glimpse of Scarborough Castle on the headland, some 5 miles further south.

Continue along the path, taking care near the cliff edges which are being constantly eroded away by the battering waves of the North Sea - in some places the path is becoming precariously close to the edge and will soon have to be diverted further inland.


We soon come to some steps down through a small wood, the banksides of which were today adorned with wild primroses
and (correct me if I'm wrong) stitchwort


Arriving at Cloughton Wyke we noticed these daffodils, which someone must have one day planted,
now growing wild on the cliff-side, contrasting with the flowering gorse on the other side.


Here we look back to Cloughton Wyke and it's at this point that we leave the Cleveland Way where the path meets the narrow surfaced road (Grid Ref: 018 952) which leads back to Cloughton

Follow this road inland for about a mile until you reach a railway bridge, then descend some wooden steps down onto . . .


. . . the disused track bed of the old Whitby to Scarborough railway.

Follow the track north for an easy 1 mile stroll back to the start of the walk at . . .


. . . The Hayburn Wyke Hotel

Go on in and have a pint - if you're hungry I recommend the home-made steak pie & chips !!!


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