North York Moors CAM


Wednesday 14th March 2001

Weather: Sunny and very mild

Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay is a picture-postcard seaside village much loved by both artists and holidaymakers alike

Lying about 5 miles north of Whitby, the village is split into two parts - a few houses at the top of the cliffs contrast sharply
with the red-roofed cottages that appear to tumble down the cliffside to the seafront below
The cottages are sheltered from the northern gales by Lingrow Knowle - the lofty crag above

The beach is accessed via a very steep (1 in 4) road - there's a large public car park near the bottom


Today we strolled along the bay towards Kettleness - here we look back towards Runswick village


In the far distance, the wierd shape of the waste heaps left over from the old alum mines at Kettleness
are a common feature on this particular stretch of the Yorkshire coast


Although it was low-water, we decided to turn back at this point as the tide can come in very quickly


On the way back we pass the Runswick Bay Beach & Sailing Club . . .



. . . and a few ramshackled old fishermen's huts that are dotted along edge of the bay


Today, all is peace and quiet, but nearby is a reminder of the defences that were built all along this coast
against the threat of invasion during World War II - I hope it remains as a memorial to those terrible times


At low tide, exposed rocks along the mile-wide bay are a fossil-seeker's paradise


A stroll along these golden sands is a real treat in calm conditions like today's


Runswick Bay beyond the brightly-painted fishing cobles in the Boat Park
- there are still a few fishermen based here but nothing like in the old days


Further along is the lifeboat station

In 1901 the village women launched the heavy lifeboat themselves to save their fishermen husbands
whose boats had been caught in a storm



One of the pleasures of visiting Runswick Bay is to wander along the narrow alleys that meander between the cottages . . .



. . . many of which are now holiday-homes which can be rented



There's a surprise around almost every corner


From here, on the way back to the car park, the scene looks almost tropical


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