North York Moors CAM


Thursday 1st March 2001

Weather: Cool and fresh, mainly sunny

Today's walk: Saltburn - Marske - Redcar

( 8 miles )

As most of you will already be aware, there has been an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease amongst livestock in the UK
- this has led to severe restrictions for lovers of the countryside where access to hundreds of miles of public footpaths
over both farmland and open moors has been prohibited by the Government to try to stop the disease from spreading further

Of course, I will be obeying the law, but I will try to make the best of wherever I can still go to take photographs
of my local area of Cleveland and the North York Moors starting today with a visit to the seaside . . .



Starting at Saltburn, today's walk follows the path which runs parallel with the railway line to Marske
where we arrive at a prominent spire, all that remains of St Germaine's Church, the rest of which was demolished in 1867

In the graveyard can be found the headstone above right:

It is in memory of 22 year old John James Robinson who was lost at sea on 9th September 1904 . . .




From St Germaine's it's a couple of hundred yards across the snow-spattered sand dunes and down to
the brightly painted fishing cobbles on Marske beach - 'cobbles' are open boats used for potting, line and net fishing


From the beach it's only a short stroll into Marske where we pass the Ship Inn,
the latest of a long line of hostelries of that name that have all been on this site


I hope I'm right in believing this little cottage on Marske High Street is the oldest
residence in the village - about 400 years old


From Marske we walk along the mile-long 'stray', a grassy esplanade
which is very popular in summer with sunbathers and picnickers, towards Redcar
- many of you may recognise and remember enjoying a cuppa in or outside the Stray Cafe - it's been there for years


As we approach Redcar promenade, a snow storm threatens ahead . . .


. . . but shortly afterwards it vanishes as quickly as it appeared leaving behind bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds


Redcar 'prom' is almost deserted today, although I'm willing to bet a few holidaymakers who visit later this summer
hope they enjoy such a lovely day, though a bit warmer perhaps!



At the 'Coatham end' of the promenade we arrive at the Regent Cinema and 'meet' a couple of old stars
who, no doubt, once entertained 'packed houses' on the local silver screen


A little further on is the boating lake (being refurbished) - from the bridge over the lake we see in the distance
the 'beginning' of industrial Teesside - the steelworks at Warrenby


From the boating lake we go onto Coatham beach for another view of Warrenby Works

Despite the backdrop, don't be deterred - there a two miles of soft, golden sands and dunes
between here and South Gare . . .


. . . however, today we head in the opposite direction back along the beach to Redcar

Soon we reach the 'scars' - vast stretches of rocks that stretch far out to sea which,
in years gone by, have caused many a shipwreck



Here we look out across the 'scars' to the North Sea, and from the same spot, back towards Redcar promenade


From Redcar, taking advantage of a low tide, we continue along the beach and back towards Marske
- my mates Stan and Jim, along with Jim's dog Luke, stride out on the firm sands


From a bit further on looking towards Saltburn and Marske


For the second time today, the fishing cobbles at Marske beach - by now, the snow's melted



From Marske it's a couple more miles of easy beach walking to Saltburn where we soon reach the Pier,
currently undergoing restoration work with the help of a deserved 'lottery grant'

(There aren't that many of these magnificently constructed piers left)


Huntcliff and the Ship Inn from Saltburn Pier


The end of today's walk, near the Ship Inn


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