North York Moors CAM

Sunday 20th February 2000

Castleton - Westerdale - Hob Hole


Castleton from Three Howes Rigg

Looking south from Three Howes Rigg towards the village of Castleton (centre) on the ridge above misty Danby Dale


Westerdale from Three Howes Rigg

Westerdale and Westerdale Moor from Three Howes Rigg


Castleton in mist

Castleton in the early morning mist - still frosty



The lovely village of Westerdale


Ford over Baysdale Beck

Ford over Baysdale Beck at Hob Hole - only about 6 inches of water to drive through today - can be worse!


Hob Hole

Hob Hole in Baysdale - in summer it gets crowded with visitors . . .


Hob Hole

. . . but early today there's just us and the sheep - perfect!


Easby Moor from Kildale Moor

Looking north-west to Easby Moor from Kildale Moor - Captain Cook's Monument can just be seen (left centre) on Easby Moor


Sleddale Slack

Another of my favourite places - Sleddale and Commondale Moor from Sleddale Slack


Lockwood Beck

Nearly home now - Lockwood Beck Reservoir


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