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Saturday 17th February 2001

Weather: Sunny, blue skies - a lovely day

Today's beach stroll - Sandsend to Whitby (and back)

( 5 miles )


A couple of weeks ago we visited the seaside village of Sandsend for the start of a lovely walk to Kettleness

Today, we returned for a late afternoon stroll in the opposite direction, along the beach to Whitby



The attractive sandstone cottages of the old village are my ideal type of dwelling
- you never know, one day I might win the lottery . . .


. . . until then, I could always treat myself to a night at the Bungalow Hotel


At the start of the walk, from the beach looking towards Sandsend Ness


We then head for Whitby, about 2 miles distant across a long stretch of golden sands and an incoming tide


. .

Today the weather was perfect, sunshine and blue skies

It's still mid-February but there was that wonderful feeling of Spring in the air
- if this is what the 'global warming' effect is all about then I for one am not complaining!

The kids on the beach were digging pools and building sandcastles
- it doesn't seem all that long ago that I was doing the same thing myself on those exact sands - ah well . . .


. .

Today, the stretch of beach between Sandsend and Whitby was lovely and peaceful,
the sea was calm, the waves tranquil as they lapped gently towards our feet

However, signs of much rougher conditions that often occur soon became obvious as we witnessed
the dramatic evidence of the erosion of the vulnerable boulder-clay cliffs of this coastline for the next mile or so


The local authorities have taken action by importing hundreds of huge boulders to build up a defensive wall
against the relentless battering of the waves of the North Sea - so far, thankfully, it seems to be working


. .

About 1 hours from the start of the walk we reach the first of the twin jetties of Whitby Harbour . . .


. . . and soon enjoy our first views of East Cliff with the Abbey ruins and St Mary's Church dominating the skyline

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love Whitby, I can't think of anywhere else in the world I would ever rather be . . .


. .

Eager customers await a bargain as the local fishermen winch the 'catch' off their trawler and onto the quayside


A little further on, a view of the 'swing bridge' . . .


. . . and from the bridge, the view upstream . . .


. .

. . . and on the east side, a few more harbour scenes


. .

I could stay here all day but it's getting late in the afternoon and we still have to return to Sandsend

After enjoying a meal of fish & chips, we return to Sandsend via the 'road route' . . .


. .

. . . enjoying a lovely sunset, and a promise of fine weather for tomorrow's walk . . .


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