North York Moors CAM

Thursday 17th February 2000



About 15 miles north-west of Whitby, in a deep valley between Cattersty Cliff to the north-west and Hummersea and Boulby Cliffs to the east, lies the village of Skinningrove

Situated in its secluded valley and with direct access to the North Sea, Skinningrove was once a centre for smuggling and fishing. When the nearby ironstone mines opened in the 19th Century the village expanded inland to house the miners. The mines closed in the early-mid part of the 20th Century but by then a thriving steelworks had been built at Carlin How on the Cattersty Cliff top and the locals were mainly employed there. The steelworks are still the main source of employment but there remain a few fishermen based in Skinningrove as we shall see when we go down into the old village


Boulby Cliffs seen beyond Hummersea Cliff from Cattersty - the cliffs at Boulby, at 679 feet, are the highest in England. The tiny 'harbour' of Skinningrove is in the right foreground. The Cleveland Way passes across the valley and continues up a steep path, before hugging the cliff edge on its way south-east towards Staithes and Whitby.


Skinningrove Jetty - large container ships once moored at this jetty which served the mines and steelworks but it has long since been derelict


North-west of the jetty lies the half-mile golden stretch of Cattersty Sands


The brightly painted fishing boats add a splash of colour to the scene in the tiny harbour . . .


. . . and when Spring arrives they'll see a lot more action


Hopefully, these lobster-pots won't be empty much longer


Little, ramshackle fishermens' huts dot the hillsides around the village . . .


. . . but they don't seem to mind how they look . . .


. . . as long as their lobster-pots are safe!


A final look back at the scene


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