Friday 20th January 2006

Weather: Sunny (cold & windy on the moor top)

Rosedale Abbey - North Dale - Northdale Rigg

( 7 miles )


Today's walk begins at the picturesque North York Moors village of Rosedale Abbey
- there's free car parking space near the Milburn Arms Hotel (Grid Ref: 725 960)

Follow the road to the left of the village school. The road bends right and you’ll soon see the church, over the wall on your right.
Next to the church are all that remains of the old Cistercian Abbey – the ruins of a stone spiral staircase.



Almost opposite the church entrance gate is a small duckpond, and just next to that is a kissing gate and signpost (Thorgill/The Inn Way).
Go through the gate and continue round to the right along the caravan park access road,
soon passing the playing field – keep following the public right of way signs.


Further on, look for an old stone well (Waterhouse Well) on your left. Leave the road on the right, straight opposite the well,
and go through the metal gate (Grid Ref. 720 961) into a field.


Follow the clear, hillside field path for approximately the next a mile until it leads gently downhill towards the River Seven
before entering a wood via a stile (Grid Ref. 716 965).
Not far into the wood, at a junction of paths, look left for a footbridge over the river and wooden ‘duck-boards’ leading ahead
– ignore both. Instead, follow the narrow path uphill through the trees on the right.


Near the top there are a few steps, then the path continues ahead to a couple of gates.
Go through the gate (above) and follow the path on the right-hand side of the field heading towards Bell End Farm
with the trees of Bell Plantation on the brow of the hill behind.



The view above is looking right (south-east) from the same spot towards Hill Plantation


At the far end of the field leave via a gate and turn left and uphill along a surfaced road.
Turn left at a junction and go downhill towards the cottages of School Row (above) - Grid Ref. 713 976


Continue on up the road past the cottages - you'll soon reach another couple of rows of houses (Hill Cottages).
Opposite the last house of the left-hand terrace look to the right for a seat (GR 708 976)
- go through the gate next to it and follow the wide track leading gently uphill.


Just before reaching the white farmhouse up ahead, look for a footpath sign at a gate on the right (GR 708 978).
Go through the gate and follow the access track towards Clough House.


The view above is looking south-east from the track - Bell & Hill Plantations are near the centre of the photo



Walk to the right of the farm buildings of Clough House then look for a stile on the left leading into the plantation
- enter the woods and follow the path bearing right and gently uphill between the trees.

After crossing a small stream bear right and follow the flat track which in parts is almost 'terrace-like', but can get very muddy!

(During the early years of the local ironstone mining industry, a tramway ran along here to an outcrop near Bell Top, just south-east
of this wood. It was a narrow gauge track (3ft) and two 0-4-0 ST locos, 'Rosedale' and 'Emily, were used to draw the wagons).


Eventually, the track emerges via a wooden stile onto Knott Road which runs down from Blakey Ridge to Rosedale.
Cross straight over the road and go through the gate opposite, then continue down the track leading to West Northdale Farm.


This view is looking east towards Northdale Rigg - there a several relics of the old ironstone mines here


Today we came across a pheasant shooting party on the accedd road to West Northdale Farm


The shooters on their way back to the farm with several brace of pheasants . . .


. . . and a lone 'beater' with none.

The season is relatively short with most pheasant shoots not getting underway until November
- the season ends on the 1st February.


Go through the gate into the farmyard (GR 719 984) then look for a footpath sign on the right between two farm buildings.


Walk between the farm buildings then down the field - look for a footbridge crossing the beck at the bottom (Northdale Beck).
Cross the bridge then climb steeply up the field opposite . . .


. . . then go through the gate at the top and turn right along a surfaced lane.

(The view above is looking back across the beck valley to West Northgate Farm)


Almost immediately after emerging right onto the lane go left through a gate and follow a track
leading diagonally uphill across a field then parallel with the stone walls to the right.

The track eventually leads up onto the moorland of Northdale Rigg (above looking back)


Follow the track for the next mile or so until it reaches the Rosedale-Egton minor road at Grid Ref. 737 968.
Go straight across and follow the bridleway path through the heather . . .


. . . the path is narrow in parts but eventually it emerges onto another minor road at Grid Ref. 739 965.


Bear right and follow the road for a few hundred yards (above looking back) . . .


before reaching a cattle grid at Grid Ref. 741 957.


Leave the road on the right just before the cattle grid – the path begins to bear away slightly to the right of a stone wall,
then down towards a stone cairn and a memorial seat from where there are spectacular views across Rosedale.


The view looking north-west to Rosedale


Continue on down past the seat to a small gate near the corner of a dry-stone wall.
Go through the gate and continue downhill through the bracken and across some wooden boards crossing a small patch of marshy ground.
Cross a stile, then further down the hillside look for a three-way signpost.


Turn right and follow the edge of the field with the wall to your right.


Cross another wall via a ladder-stile and continue on, this time with the wall on your left...


...until you reach a splendid farm (The Grange) at Grid Ref. 731 958.
Bear left, walking between the farm buildings and along the access road and downhill to the main road.



Turn right and follow the road back to the village of Rosedale Abbey.


Sit and have a cuppa under the oak tree on the village green . . .


. . . or treat yourself to a pint and a meal in the Milburn Arms Hotel.


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